So You Want to Sail with Us…

Heart of Oak is always taking on new volunteer crewmembers on an event-by-event basis. Our procedure right now is pretty simple: drop us a line, explain why you’re interested, give us a heads up on what clothing/gear you might need, and let us know which of our upcoming events you would be available to attend.

Advertising poster for John Paul Jones’ Ranger, 1777.

Potential weekend crew must have their own ride to the site – we come from all over, and can’t always provide carpool space. Reliability is also a must. We need to know how many folks are coming so we can plan accordingly with armaments and oars. If you bail out (without good reason) on an event we’d expected you to attend, future participation will be unlikely. All positions are unpaid, though we often provide all meals during reenactment events.

Once Heron is in the water, our volunteer crew selection will be a bit more rigorous. There is a chance that Heron‘s itinerary may include week or month-long trips. Priority will be given to folks with the following credentials:


– Ability to quickly and accurately follow simple instructions
– Concern for safety, both on the water and ashore
– Sense of humor
– Ability to cross international borders (valid passport and nothing on your record that would prohibit entry to another country)
– Ability to legally carry and handle firearms as part of reenactment events


– Experience with black powder weapons and/or large sailing vessels
– Basic knot-tying and sewing skills
– Experience with living history or other educational public speaking in a casual setting

Additional specialized credentials such as medical certifications, galley experience, participation in programs such as Outward Bound or the Sea Education Association‘s SEA Semester (not to be confused with the similarly named program that takes place aboard a cruise ship), sea time, and/or crewing with us (or other ASMA vessels) will also be considered favorably.

All that sounds more serious and technical than it really is – we’re just a nifty group of people who like playing with boats and bringing history to life. If that sounds like you, email us!

We’re now on Facebook (Heart of Oak Sailors), so please friend us there too for more photos and real-time event notices.

Merganser on the beach at Bath, Ontario, 2007.

3 Responses to “So You Want to Sail with Us…”

  1. Terry Vossen says:


    I am interested in crewing in 2012. I have sailed square riggers and others. I am a reenactor (Troupe de Terre), and know blackpowder.

    I can make events on Lake Champlain or the Saint Lawrence.

    Please give me a call.


  2. Sarah says:

    Hello! I will keep you in mind as we plan our event schedule for next year. In the meantime, if you are on Facebook, you might consider friending us there too ( ) to keep abreast of event notices and other things.


  3. Terry Vossen says:

    Thanks, Will follow you.

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