Welcome to Heart of OakHeart of Oak is the website for the historic reproduction sailing vessels Merganser (built 2006) and Heron (under construction). We are maritime reenactors specializing in the 18th and early 19th centuries, mostly based out of the New England region, though we’ve travelled as far as the Great Lakes for events. See Who We Are and What We Do for more information.

Corvette line drawing

About the name: The name “Heart of Oak” comes partly from this song, one of the most popular maritime songs of all time. The song was originally written for an 18th century opera of the same name. Our old byline, “Bearers of the Skull and Crossed Fish Hooks,” refers to the fact that we flew a banner with that logo while fishing off the New Hampshire coast in 2008. The banner was a humorous nod to our friends in the Rye, NH commercial fleet, and we’ve often flown it since.

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